Zoe and Charlie Browns Liter-December 22, 2016

Puppies at 8 days old.  @ black puppies are females. Lighter pup is male

1 2 3

Puppies at two weeks old

Red and White collars are females.  Blue collar is male.

Sale Pending on all puppies.  But we have others.  We also have a waiting list if you want to add yourself to it for future puppies.





Photos taken January 20th.  Pups are about 4 weeks old

Red Collar is now known as Gracie.  White Collar is now known as Betty

red1 red2 red3 red4 red5 red6

blue1 blue2 blue3 blue4 blue5 blue6 blue9

white11 white12 white13 white14 white15 white16

Puppies at 5 weeks old.  They just had lunch so please excuse their messy faces…They do love to eat!!!

white5-1 white5-2 white5-3

Puppies at 6 weeks old

g61 g62 g63 g64 g65 g66

b61 b62 b63 b64 b65 b66

w61 w62 w63 w64

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  1. Tina Hatley says:

    I bought Sophie born from your may 25 2016 litter. I just had her spade. She is doing great and so funny. I want a black male now. Let me know if you have one available from the newest litter. I would consider another color but want a male.

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