Sparkles Puppies


Last remaining puppy.  This cute little guy is 8 1/2 weeks old and looking for a family to love.  Now reserved and living on his new home.


Sparkles had her puppies this morning. had 11. one poor baby did not make it and another has a cleft. asking for prayers for this precious baby. the other 9 are all doing well 6 girls. 4 boys

As posted earlier, Sparkles had a very huge litter of 11 which is almost double the normal size of an English Bulldog litter. With such large litters, problems often arise with the puppies.  

After a few very long tiring days of tube feeding, pushing sub q fluids and caring for them around the clock we unfortunately lost 5 puppies. my heart is broken. I tried my best but sometimes it just falls short. Some of the puppies simply were too small or had issues. Breeding at times is such a heartbreak. But God has still blessed us with 5 very healthy, happy puppies which are growing by leaps and bounds. i am anticipating their eyes to open in the next few days. I will have individual pictures of all the puppies posted this upcoming weekend with weekly updates thereafter. 

For those with puppy reserve deposits in, pick choices will begin the week of August 16th When it is your turn, you can either pick a puppy from this litter or roll your deposit to the other upcoming litters 

don’t hesitate to message me or call if you have any questions.

13 days old.  Taken 7/29

Males are wearing red and blue collars.


Female puppies are wearing orange, pink and lime green collars.

Three weeks old-taken 8/5/21


Pink collar puppy reserved. 

Orange collar now reserved.


4 week old photo shoot taken 8/12/2021

Female pink collar now reserved and known as Patches.

Orange collar female.  Now reserved

Lime green collar female

Red collar male

Blue collar male

Pink collar female reserved known as Patches


Lime collar female needs a forever home

Orange collar female.. reserved

Our girls at 6 weeks old.  Pink collar and Orange collar reserved.  Pink collar known as Patches.  Green collar is available for a forever family.


Our boys at six weeks old.  8/26/21 Blue Collar available.  Red collar reserved and now known as Duke.

7 week photos

Blue Collar male available

Duke is already reserved

Orange collar female reserved

Pink collar female reserved Patches

Lime collar female available


8 week old photo shoot taken 9/9/21

Lime collar female available

Blue collar male available

Orange collar female reserved

Red collar male reserved named Duke

Pink collar female reserved named Patches


Duke going to his forever home

Patches going to her forever home

Orange collar female now named Hazel is all settled in to her new home




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