Jezzie and Hemingway 12/21

  1. Jezzie and Hemingways Boys–
  2. Brown-now reserved 1/13/22
  3. Orange- now reserved 1/13/22
  4. Blue–now reserved1/13/22


  1. Red–now reserved 1/19/22
  2. Yellow–now. Reserved. 1/11/22
  3. Lime-now reserved 1/13/2
  4. Purple- reserved 1/13/22

Homeward Bound

Seven weeks.  Look at these beautiful puppies

All of the above are reserved except this little girl

six weeks old

Brown collar– reserved

Orange collar reserved


aqua collar male– reserved

Purple collar female now reserved. Kenzie


Lime collar female Gemma reserved

Yellow collar–lola reserved

Red collar-reserved. Named sassy

The boys–Brown, Orange and Blue Collars
2 week photos actual age 12 days


Jezzie and Hemingways Yellow and Lime collar females 2 week photos actual age 12 days.

The boys

The girls


Five weeks.

Red collar female

Orange collar male

Brown collar male

Aqua blue collar male

The girls


Five week old males.  Taken 1/12/22

The girls.  Red collar available yellow collar Reserved. Lime collar reserved



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