Chloe and Matthew (English Bulldogs) pups born on December 30th.

See these 4 beautiful bulldog babies.  All have found new homes.

Black collar is male.  Sale Pending-one week old


Black collar three weeks old

black1 black2 black3 black4 black5

Black Collar at 4 weeks old

black4-1 black4-2 black4-4 black4-5 black4-6 black4-7 black4-8

Black collar at 5 weeks

b51 b52 b53 b54 b55


Tan collar is female.  One week old-Sale Pending


Tan collar at three weeks

tan1 tan2 tan3 tan4 tan5

Tan Collar at 4 weeks old

tan4-1 tan4-2 tan4-3 tan4-4 tan4-5 tan4-6

Tan collar at 5 weeks

t51 t52 t53 t54 t55 t56

Green Collar is female.  One week old-Sale Pending


Green collar at three weeks.  Now known as Ginger

green1 green2 green3

Green Collar-Ginger-4 weeks old

green4-1 green4-2 green4-3 green4-4 green4-5 green4-6 green4-7


Purple Collar is female.  One Week old.  Sale Pending


Purple collar at three weeks

purp1 purp2 purp3 purp4 purp5

purple collar at 4 weeks

purple4-1 purple4-2 purple4-3 purple4-4 purple4-5 purple4-6

Purple collar at 5 weeks

p51 p52 p53 p55 p56


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