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Puppy Contract



Thank you for purchasing your puppy through Smoky Mountain Kennels. .  This contract is for puppy ____________________________.Breed _____________   We hope that you enjoy many happy years with your new puppy.  All of our puppies have been raised in our home and are well socialized.  This socialization is very important and we encourage all buyers to continue with his socialization.  Puppy Classes are highly recommended.  We also encourage all buyers to educate themselves regarding the breed.  At the time of purchase.your puppy has been examined by a licensed vet and has had its initial vaccines and wormings.  A shot record will be provided at the time of the sale.  Your puppy is due around _______________for its next vaccine series.  We encourage all buyers to take their puppy to the vet within 5 days for a check up and to get established with their new vet.  If the puppy is determined to be in ill health due to the fault of the breeder, breeder will pay half the cost of medicines to rectify the issue.  Since parasites are quite normal in young puppies, treatment of these are excluded.    Buyers must continue with monthly wormings ect. 


Buyers agree to finish the recommended vaccine schedule, provide monthly wormings and to begin heart worm protection when age appropriate.  Flea and tick prevention is also required.   Regular medical records must be maintained.  Buyers must feed the puppy a high quality dog food and must provide it with adequate housing and shelter.  Dogs are not permitted to be tied outside.  Nutravet vitamins are highly recommended. Link on our website to order.


All of our puppies come with a  year health guarantee against genetic defects.   If defect is determined, documentation is required by your vet.  We also reserve the right to request a second opinion.  If a defect is determined, the buyer can either surrender the puppy back to us for a replacement puppy out of our next litter.or we will pay up to half the cost of the dog, to pay for treatment of the puppy,, if you wish to keep the puppy.  Breeder has 120 days to send medical treatment reimbursement checks to buyer.  Underbites unless they are severe enough to cause health problems are not covered.   Guarantee regarding the size of the dog or its ability to breed can not be made.   All female dogs purchased with full registration can not be bred before 18 months of age.  Breeding before that age, voids health guarantee.  Guarantee is not transferrable.


Purchased dogs can not be dropped off at a shelter or pet store.  If a buyer decides that they no longer want possession of the dog for other reasons rather than health issues, the puppy must be surrendered back to the breeder.  Once the puppy is surrendered to the breeder, the breeder has sole ownership and has the right to do with the puppy what they feel is in the puppy.s best interest.  Buyer relinquishes all rights of the puppy> NO REFUNDS will be given.  


For puppies purchased with full registration.  We must be notified in writing of all breedings indicating the date of whelp, number of puppies, sex of puppies and any defects or loss. 


All puppies must be picked up within 2 weeks of when the puppies are ready to leave or if you purchase after 8 weeks of age, within 2 weeks of purchase.  Buyers are responsible for all transport fees, if they are not picking up their puppies. We will be happy to assist you with this.  All puppies kept beyond this time will incur a 50,00 a week boarding fee  This fee can be waved by breeder under certain circumstances.



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