Puppy Packs

frenchpuppyWe like to make sure that our adoptive families are prepared when they take their new puppy home.  For this reason, we have available puppy packs.  These packs contain everything you need to get your puppy through its first few days in its new home.

Our puppy packs are available for you to purchase on the day that you pick up your new puppy.  These packs include:

1 Crate to keep your puppy safe and secure when you are not at home, at night when you are sleeping and when you are housebreaking.  We highly recommend that every puppy has a crate.  This is your puppies safe space where it can go to feel safe and secure.

1 puppy bed that will fit nicely in the above mentioned crate.english-bulldog-prices-15

1 food bowl

1 water bowl

1 leash

1 collar

Puppy food-enough for a few days

A sample supply of NuVet Pet Vitamins-we highly recommend you order more of these as they are very beneficial to your pet.

1 puppy approved toy

The price of these puppy packs are $225.  (This is a tremendous savings to you compared to what you will save in money at the store, your time, and your convenience)