Deposit List

  1. The Kirby Family, French Bulldog, 09/29/2018-rolled to future litter on 1/26/19
  2. The Bailey Family 09/29/2018  Frenchie-Pick Made 1/26/19  Layla’s Pink Collar Girl
  3. Tribble family. South Carolina 10/16/2018 French Bulldog–Deposit rolled on 1/26/19 to future litter
  4. The Noyes family 11/01/2018. Tennessee. FRENCH bulldog Pick made 1/26 Yellow Collar female
  5. Hughes family 10/16/2018. Tennessee French-deposit rolled to Bellas’s litter
  6. George Family 1/10/18
  7. Herrington family 01/12/2019 of Georgia–Pick Made-January 30, 2019

January 31, 2019

We have satisfied our puppy reserve deposit list, the remaining pups available have been updated and are currently available to those on our regular waiting list. An e mail has been sent out (put yesterday’s date). If you have not received an e mail, please notify me ASAP. We will leave this open until end of the day on Friday, Feb 1. , so if you are in the notification waiting list and wish to take home one of these beautiful girls, please let me know. After that date, we will accept deposits from those not previously on the waiting list

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Planned Breedings


Planned breeding early summer between JoJo and Mary Rose anticipate having puppies out of this gorgeous pair late summer.

UPDATE:  Confirmed pregnancy between JoJo and
Mary Rose! Pups will be due between October 22 and October 27. Pups should be ready to go to their new forever homes around December 20. If you are interested in a pup from this litter please complete the waiting list form on our website. We are also accepting puppy reserve deposits with pick choices in the order in which the deposits arrive.


Planned breeding between JoJo and Marble. If successful. Pups will be due mid June. If interested in a puppy from this breeding, please add yourself to our waiting list. Once the pregnancy is confirmed (mid May) we will accept puppy reserve deposits for First and second picks only.


Planned breeding between Logan and Petunia. If successful pups will be due mid June. Pregnancy will be confirmed by sonogram. Mid May. If interested in a puppy from this breeding, please complete our waiting list form on our website. We currently have 3 puppy reserves for this litter.


Planned breeding in May/June between Envy and outside stud Ace. If successful pups will be due late summer. Add yourself to our waiting list if interested in a pup from
This gorgeous pair.


We are breeding Ace and Envy this week. We are very excited about this breeding. If successful pups will be due the the end of November and ready for their new homes the first of the year! We will be confirming this pregnancy the end of October