Charlie Brown and Envy’s Litter-July 2017

Envy’s Litter

Photos taken July 5, 2017-puppies 1 week old

Brown Collar Male. Carries Cream and Chocolate. Champion Bloodlines One week photos

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Pink Collar Female. Carries Cream and Chocolate Champion Bloodlines. One week pictures.

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Purple Collar Female. Carry Cream and Chocolate. Champion Bloodlines One week photo

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Green Collar-Female Carry Cream and Chocolate. Champion bloodlines. One week picture.

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Charlie Brown and Envy’s litter turned 2 weeks old today. Puppies carry Cream and Chocolate with Champion Bloodlines. First pick puppy reserved. Now accepting deposits on the remainder of the litter. Pups should be ready for their new homes anytime after August 26

Charlie Brown and Envy’s Brown Collar Male. 2 week photos.

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Charlie Brown and Envy’s puppy. Pink Collar female 2 weeks.

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Charlie Brown and Envy’s puppy 2 week photo. purple collar female

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Charlie Brown and Envy’s 2 week photos. Green Collar Girl. Carries Cream and Chocolate

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3 Week old Photos-Taken July 18. 2017

Envy and Charlie Browns, Brown collar male 3 weeks old

Envy and Charlie Browns, Pink Collar Female 3 weeks.

Envy and Charlie Browns, Purple Collar female 3 weeks.

Envy and Charlie Browns, Green Collar Female 3 week photos.

Puppies at 25 days old–Photos taken 7/24/2017

Pink collar-female-Available

Male out of Envy and Charlie Brown, 4 week pics. Sorry, Already reserved.

Purple Collar Female 4 week photos. Reserved

Green Collar Girl. 4 week photos. Reserved

5 week old photos taken August 2nd

Brown Collar-Male Reserved-Memphis

Green Collar-Female Reserved

Pink Collar-Female-Available

Purple Collar-Female-Reserved