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Phases of English Bulldog puppy development by Bullie Pups R Us. Got Ganglies?


We are excited to announce that we are expecting our first litter of frenchtons between Oreo and Charlie Brown. Pups are due between Dec 14 and the 21st and will be ready to go late in February. If interested in being notified when pups arrive or to reserve a puppy, please complete the waiting list form on our website!!

We currently have no English Bulldog Puppies but anticipate having puppies ready to go this spring. If you wish to be notified when pups are available, please complete the waiting list form on this website. Also accepting puppy reserve deposits. Policy posted

Halloween Trick or Treat?

Welcome to the world little one! Logan and HarleeQuinn’s beautiful girl.  Born October 31

18 days old

She is now reserved and has a name.  Introducing Mia

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In order to better protect our puppies before they leave our Kennels we have made a new policy of not letting any puppies leave for their new forever homes until they have received at least 2 sets of vaccines. Puppies will be administered vaccines at 6 weeks and then at 8 weeks. Puppies are also wormed 2 weeks after birth and followed by every 2 weeks until they leave.

Although we love our kennel visitors, we currently have brand new litters in our home, so we must limit the number of people in and out. This is to provide our new momma dogs with quiet time to bond with their puppies and also to cut down the amount of possible exposure to outside bacteria and germs on our little ones. We will resume kennel visits in about 3 weeks. The exception to this would be those picking up their puppies or those with deposits down who want to make their pick choice. For those interested in purchasing a puppy, we will continue posting updated photos every 7 to 10 days so you can see our pups and videos will be sent upon request. This is a very busy time for us and taking care of our newborn pups is our priority, so please be patient when contacting us. We will try to return all calls, texts and messages within 24 hours.

Puppy Packs

As a convenience we offer Puppy Packs that will have everything you need to get started with your new frenchie. They will be ready for you at the time of pick up or delivery of your frenchie. Great convenience. For those picking up puppies around March 10, all packs must be ordered and paid for no later than March 4. For those picking up the following weekend, deadline is March 11

The basic pack is 200.00 and includes

36 inch fold and carry crate
Soft Crate Mat
Leash and collar
Large bag of Bil Jac Puppy Select Food
2 bowls
3 toys

Our deluxe includes all of the above plus

Puppy Shampoo
Ear Cleaner 
Face Cleaner
Nail Clippers
Puppy Cologne
Cuddle bed
2 additional toys

Cost is 275.00


Frenchie Breedings

We have recently bred Zoe and Charlie Brown and Harlee Quinn and Logan. Pregnancies should be confirmed by Oct 5. If successful pups are due late October and ready to go late December

Bella Luna is due in heat in October and we are planning on repeating that breeding with Charlie Brown

English Bulldogs No immediate breeding planned



 In order to concentrate solely on my babies I have set aside 2 times during the day that I will respond to buyers questions ect. It will be in the morning between 8 and 10 then again in the evening between 7 and 9. So if you need to communicate with me, just leave me a message and I will respond during those hours If interested in a puppy from this breeding, please complete our waiting list form. To reserve a puppy I will need to communicate with you personally and a deposit must be received. Our puppy reserve and deposit policies are posted on this website. I know everyone is anxious to see these new additions. When they arrive, I will post a birth announcement on this page and on our Facebook page Smoky Mountain Frenchies and Bulldogs. along with the composition of the litter. During the first 2 weeks litter picture updates will be posted on Facebook only. Once the puppies are 2 weeks old I will begin to post individual updated pictures every 7 to 10 days on both places. After they are moving and a grooving, videos will be available (Facebook only) For those with puppy reserve deposits, you will not need to pick out your own special puppy until they are 4. weeks of age. That way you can see more about them before making your decision. Once I have fulfilled those with puppy reserve deposits, those on the notification only waiting list can then reserve a puppy. How these waiting lists work is posted or you can communicate personally with me SmokyMountain Frenchies love to have visitors but to provide our mom dogs with private time to care for their pups and to give the pup time to build up their immune systems, we do not allow visitors until after the pups are 5 weeks of age. We realize that our buyers are anxious to see their babies grow and change so we will post updates often on facebook so you can follow them in that virtual world

Please Note:

Smoky Mountain Frenchies and Bulldogs does not let any of our puppies leave without payment in full. I do not sell puppies on monthly payment plans. I can invoice you through PayPal in which you can pay with a credit card if you wish. We do offer prepayment for future litters in which you can pay monthly before the pups arrive therefore reducing the amount you will owe when the puppies leave.

This is an updated shot of one of our puppies born to Dixie earlier this year along with it's new owner. Doesn't she look cute?

To see our past liters of puppies click the links below.

Past Frenchie Liters

Bella 5=19

Zoe Litter 2019

Petunia and Logan Jan 2019

Petunia’s litter, June 2018

Layla-dec 31, 2018

Zoe and Benji  puppies born October 2015

Dixie and Invictus Puppies born January 2016


Zoe’s Puppies born May 25, 2016


Dixie and Invictus Born July 17th, 2016


Zoe and Charlie Brown Liter born on December 21st, 2016


Envy and Charlie Brown had a singleton male puppy on Jan 1, 2017


Charlie Brown and Layla Singleton-July 2017  click here

Charlie Brown and Envy’s Litter, July 2017  click here

Invictus and Dixie-Singleton-July 2017- click here

Charlie Brown and Layla-January 2018 click here

Envy-January 2018, singleton-click here


Past English Bulldog Litters

Hershey and Mathew-September 2019

Siera and JoJo 11-2018

Marble and JoJo Liter


Chloe and Chester Puppies born March 28, 2016


Chloe and Matthew (English Bulldogs) pups born on December 30th, 2016